Mutual Fund Prices

July 4, 2018


Soldivo Funds



Soldivo Bond Fund, Inc.PHP 0.9023-2.26%
Soldivo Strategic Growth Fund, Inc.PHP 0.8473-12.39%

Philam Asset Management, Inc.

PAMI Equity Index Fund, Inc.PHP 48.6512-13.73%
Philam Managed Income Fund, Inc.PHP 1.16931.03%
Philam Bond Fund, Inc.PHP 3.9394-2.73%
Philam Dollar Bond Fund, Inc.USD 2.1429-4.81%
PAMI Global Bond Fund Philippines, Inc.USD 1.0343-3.77%
Philam Fund, Inc.PHP 15.8253-9.87%
PAMI Horizon Fund, Inc.PHP 3.5439-9.55%
PAMI Asia Balanced Fund, Inc.USD 1.0016-5.16%
Philam Strategic Growth Fund, Inc.PHP 511.7100-13.04%

ATR Asset Management, Inc.

ATRAM Philippine Balanced Fund, Inc.PHP 2.2433-8.70%
ATRAM Philippine Equity Opportunity Fund, Inc.PHP 3.9796-13.36%
ATRAM Alpha Opportunity Fund, Inc.PHP 1.4408-9.78%
ATRAM Total Return Dollar Bond Fund, Inc.**USD 1.1110-2.09%
ATRAM AsiaPlus Equity Fund, Inc.**USD 1.0171-7.83%
ATRAM Corporate Bond Fund, Inc.PHP 1.8621-2.61%
ATRAM Dynamic Allocation Fund, Inc.PHP 1.6551-11.19%

Sun Life Asset Management Company, Inc.

Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Bond Fund, Inc.PHP 2.7375-1.40%
Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund, Inc.PHP 3.6075-9.73%
Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Philippine Equity Fund, Inc.PHP 3.9936-12.82%
Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Fund, Inc.PHP 1.20051.14%
Sun Life Prosperity Government Security (GS) Fund, Inc.PHP 1.5215-1.80%
Sun Life Prosperity Philippine Stock Index Fund, Inc.PHP 0.9428-13.77%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Advantage Fund, Inc.USD 3.6229-0.82%
Sun Life Prosperity Dollar Abundance Fund, Inc.USD 2.9041-3.60%
Sun Life Dollar Wellspring Fund, Inc.USD 1.0838-2.55%
Sun Life World Voyager Fund, Inc.USD 1.27010.39%

First Metro Asset Management, Inc.

First Metro Save and Learn Equity Fund, Inc.PHP 5.1806-13.84%
First Metro Save and Learn Balanced Fund, Inc.PHP 2.5431-8.19%
First Metro Save and Learn Fixed-Income Fund, Inc.PHP 2.21620.01%
One Wealthy Nation Fund, Inc.PHP 0.8474-14.57%
First Metro Save and Learn Dollar Bond Fund, Inc.USD 0.0247-1.20%
First Metro Consumer Fund on MSCI Phils. IMI, Inc.PHP 0.8255n/a

Philequity Management, Inc.

Philequity PSE Index Fund, Inc.PHP 4.8909-13.80%
Philequity Peso Bond Fund, Inc.PHP 3.4920-0.37%
Philequity Fund, Inc.PHP 35.8641-12.73%
Philequity Dollar Income Fund, Inc.USD 0.0567275-0.85%
Philequity Dividend Yield Fund, Inc.PHP 1.2280-12.55%
*Past Performances do not reflect future value. **NAVPS as of two banking days                                                                     ***YTD based on unaudited NAV of 2017.