Know your Investor Risk Profile!

Use this simple assessment tool to assist you in knowing your investing preferences and risk tolerance level. This can help you choose the right mutual fund that suits your needs.

Please remember that personal circumstances change over time, you should re-evaluate your risk profile and goals at least once every two years.

Investment Goal and Experience

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What's your priority in investing?

I want to preserve my capital

I want to get more income while keeping my capital intact

I want to grow my capital to the fullest

Investment Goal and Experience

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How familiar are you with the different types of investments?

My knowledge is limited

My knowledge is average

My knowledge is extensive

Investment Goal and Experience

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Your investments are mostly in what?

Savings Accounts/ Time Deposit/ Money Market Funds

Peso or Dollar Bonds /UITFs or Mutual Funds invested in Bonds

Stocks / UITFs or Mutual Funds invested in Equities

Investment Horizon

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How much of your income are you willing to invest?

I can invest up to 10%

I can invest 11-30%

I can invest more than 30%

Investment Horizon

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How stable are your finances?

Somewhat stable

Stable but I foresee major expenses within the next 3 years

Very stable for the next 3 years

Investment Horizon

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How many years can you afford to invest without redeeming part of your investment?

I can invest for less than 1 year

I can invest for 1-5 years

I can invest for more than 5 years

Investment Horizon

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How many years until your planned retirement?

I plan to retire 1-7 years from now

I plan to retire 8-15 years from now

I plan to retire more than 15 years from now

Risk Tolerance

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How much risk are you willing to take?

Minimal Risk

Moderate Risk

High Risk

Risk Tolerance

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How much are you willing to invest in stocks?

I am willing to invest up to 20%

I am willing to invest 21-50%

I am willing to invest more than 50%