COL Investment Management, Inc.

Simplified Investing. A simple way to build wealth.

COL Investment Management Inc. (CMI) was incorporated on September 6, 2019. CMI is an SEC-licensed Investment Company Advisor or, in simple terms, a Fund Manager. CMI is currently responsible for the administration and portfolio management of COL Equity Index Unitized Mutual Fund (CEIF) with authority to manage other similar funds in the future as well as to provide investment advisement services.

CMI believe in the values of Honesty, Competency, and Creativity. The responsibility of cultivating their clients’ hard-earned funds is a sacred trust that they hold to be of the foremost importance in our operations.

This means that in everything that CMI do, they seek to provide the utmost transparency and skill. At the same time, while fund management has been around for the longest time, CMI recognizes that systemic barriers exist that prevent the majority of Filipinos from participating in growing their wealth through the financial markets. This is why CMI is also committed to be as resourceful as possible to make their services available for the good of the nation.