Employee Solutions

Rampver can help you empower your employees to achieve their financial goals

We offer solutions tailor-fit to the unique requirements of each business owner to enable them to grow their business without worries!

Our thrust is to work with the company’s Human Resource team and make recommendations to create a comprehensive employee benefits solution matching the unique needs of SMEs that aims to strengthen employee retention by ensuring employees get to feel they are valued and secure.

Our Flagship Programs

Micro-Investment Program

We offer a program that aims to provide employees a convenient and effective way to invest in high yielding instruments.

Program Benefits:

Low Minimum Placements

Additional Working Capital

Voluntary Saving Scheme

Group HMO Plan

A healthcare plan for all company employees which aims to provide security should there be any unfortunate occurrence to an employee .

Program Benefits:

Access to Health Benefits

Access to Medical Facilities

Improve Overall Staff Health

Our Other Employee Solutions

Group Life Insurance

Helps secure the welfare of the employee’s family with its comprehensive life, accident, disability and health benefits .

Group Personal Accident

Designed to help employees cover for emergency and medical expenses in case an accident shall take place.

Group Memorial Plans

Provides peace of mind to the employee’s family with its comprehensive set of memorial benefits.

Financial Literacy Programs

We can help SMEs build a financially literate workforce through financial literate talks and seminars conducted to its employees.

We help SMEs grow and protect their business.

Rampver does this by executing on its core propositions - providing access to the best partners and products, competent advisory, and service beyond requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Rampver aims to empower your employees to achieve their financial goals through proper financial education paired with the right financial solutions. Our thrust is to work with your company’s Human Resource team to create a comprehensive employee benefits package to strengthen employee retention and engagement.

Partnering with Rampver means that you have a reliable financial services firm that aims to elevate the overall financial health and mindset of your employees. We are able to provide different solutions to either beef-up your compensation packages with additional benefits such as healthcare and group life insurance or provide access for your employees to learn about investing and to work towards achieving their financial goals.

At Rampver, we believe that there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. By listening to your specific goals and needs, we are able to tailor-fit and match the right partners and products for you.

Depending on the specific product or service, the coverage period can be at least a year and renewed annually, or a perpetual service contract for long-term investments.

Yes, definitely! Given our vast experience in the financial space and our access to industry-leading partners and products, we are able to assess your current portfolio based on your specific needs.

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