Business Solutions

Rampver can help you grow and protect your business!

We offer solutions tailor-fit to the unique requirements of each business owner to enable them to grow their business without worries!

Using our unique platform, we help SMEs identify the opportunities to grow their business while managing risks that can affect their profitability. This includes access to a wide range of investments, practical recommendations, and reliable financing facilities.

Our Flagship Programs

SME Loans Facility

We offer fast approval with in 7 days, hassle-free and non-collateral business loans that will enable SMEs to grow their business.

Program Benefits:

Bridge Financing

Additional Working Capital

Business Expansion

Business Protection Insurance

We help SMEs secure their business with a comprehensive business insurance that covers potential risk.

Program Benefits:

Property Damage Coverage

Comprehensive General Liability

Personal Accident Coverage

Our Other Business Solutions

Investment Management Account

Business portfolios gain access to financial instruments through a special service that comes with investment strategies tailor-fit to the business owners’ objective.

Group Retirement Plans

Helps in preparing employees’ retirement funding that can be customized to suit any company’s needs and budget

Commercial Auto Insurance

Provides coverage for the vehicle/s utilized for business purpose to safeguard commercial vehicles against accidents

Credit Life Insurance

Protects both the company and the borrower’s families from financial loss in the event of death, while there are unpaid loans

We help SMEs grow and protect their business.

Rampver does this by executing on its core propositions - providing access to the best partners and products, competent advisory, and service beyond requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Being a one-stop shop for financial services, we not only cater to the needs of individuals, but we also ensure that we have corporate solution programs that could address an institution’s unique needs. Learn more about our Corporate Solution packages by sending us an email at [email protected]

With our unique open-architecture platform, we help SMEs identify the opportunities to grow their business while managing risks that can affect their profitability. In Rampver, we offer services that include access to a wide range of investments, insurance, financial advisory services and other reliable financing facilities.

Business solutions focus on directly addressing the needs of every entrepreneur to keep their business afloat and to protect them from possible risks.

Employee solutions mainly focus on improving and working with the companies’ HR teams in order to establish an effective and efficient program that will help lessen employee turnover and increase employee satisfaction by creating comprehensive employee benefit solutions that are capable of addressing their needs.

Since Rampver has a unique open-architecture platform, we can tailor-fit different partners and products and match them according to your specific needs. In addition, this allows us to have an unbiased view and keep your best interest in mind. In the end, you will be able to make the final decision on which partners or products to proceed with.

Yes, definitely! Given our vast experience in the financial space and our access to industry-leading partners and products, we are able to assess your current portfolio based on your specific needs.

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