Rampver History

Rampver Financials was founded in 1993. It is a creative niche player in the financial services industry that is actively involved in money and asset management advisory, mutual fund distribution, financial planning, training and consulting.

It links individuals with the major movers and players in the Philippine capital markets. Through its wide array of prime investment vehicles, Rampver actively encourages its clients the concept of financial responsibility, security, and focus to gain affluence.

Rampver Financials started its humble beginnings in September 1993 as a company that offers financial services distribution, training, and trading. Through the acquisition of various licenses, Rampver Financials rendered a wide range of financial products such as life and non-life insurance, pre-need, healthcare and medical plans for both retail and institutional clientele.

Rampver Financials also ventured in training and development in the field of sales and sales management, marketing, customer service, and leadership strategy – catering various groups and institutions. Noted clients include banks such as the PCI Bank, Unionbank, Security bank and Bank of the Philippine Islands.

In the field of trading, Rampver Financials involved itself in the buying and selling of durable goods and equipment. With fresh infusion of capital, adjustment in primary corporate purpose and registration with the Insurance Commission, the company viewed itself as a creative financial intermediary, representing both retail and institutional clients for reputable principals who have defined the standards of stability and service in Philippine financial services.

It was on March 2008 when Rampver Financials ventured into the distribution of Mutual Funds. At this stage, the company has grown into a business of investments and a full-blown financial advisory firm positioned in an open-architecture platform.

April 2014 is when the Soldivo family of funds was launched – the Soldivo Strategic Growth Fund, Inc. and the Soldivo Bond Fund, Inc. Rampver Financials now obtained a complete set of licenses in investments industry – investment company advisor license and mutual fund distribution license – serving the ever-growing client base, including high net worth individuals and huge corporations within the Philippine business environment – a testament to our professional approach in serving the unique needs of the parties we serve.

As of this date, Rampver Financials continues to grow, fulfilling its mission to become the leading financial intermediary, advisory, training and consulting team in the field of investments.