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Initially incorporated as a trading company in September 1993, RAMP, Inc. served the product needs to both private and government institutions at the retail and institutional level. In 1994, our proponents took an active role in its management, and directed the company towards the business area where its strengths evolved – financial services. With a fresh infusion of capital, adjustment in primary corporate purpose, registration with the Insurance Commission, and a timely change of corporate trade name to Rampver Financials, the corporation positioned itself as a creative financial intermediary, representing both retail and institutional clients for reputable principals who have defined the standards of stability and service in Philippine financial services.

From humble beginnings, Rampver Financials quickly established itself as a solutions-oriented general agent in the field of investment instruments, mutual funds, life and non-life insurance, health care, money and asset management advisory, marketing and sales for our ever increasing number of clientele. We have competed well, directly and indirectly, with other established investment houses, agents and general agencies, insurance brokerages, consultants, private bankers, management and training consultants. Our clientele grew and expanded to include numerous high net worth individuals and huge corporations within the Philippine business environment - a testament to our professional approach in serving the unique needs of the parties we serve.