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Rampver Financials Profile

Rampver Financials is a creative niche player in financial services. We are actively involved in risk management, money and asset management advisory, training and consulting. Our experience in investment instruments, mutual funds, health care, life and non-life insurance and our involvement with the Philippines’ leading carriers will definitely benefit our clients who currently have to deal with an unsophisticated financial services environment. We can help individuals in their quest for effective financial planning, property protection, health care needs, education, personal pension and retirement plan implementation. On the institutional area, we can assist in the design, execution, Implementation and maintenance of employee benefit, savings and investment programs.

Our linkages with the major movers and players in the Philippine capital market puts us at an advantage in providing timely financial advice to our clients to help them maximize returns on their investments within well managed risk parameters. Our expertise and experience give us the credibility to also enlighten clients about available investment instruments and the inherent opportunities and risks that are attached to them. Without our own vehicles to sell, we can maintain an unbiased position in generating sound financial advice. Through one of our key divisions, Rampver Strategic Advisors (RSA), we actively encourage financial responsibility, security, and focus to gain affluence.

We have a solid track record in providing top notch training programs for the Philippines’ leading corporate institutions. We have given general management, sales, marketing, attitudinal, leadership, financial and strategic planning programs to executives, managers and supervisors which have contributed greatly to the growth of their respective organizations. We have handled firms involved in diversified industries, including but not limited to banks, manufacturing, consumer goods marketing, and other service oriented operations.

Our needs-based analyses and solutions-approach in determining the ideal product package for our clients create the very core of our services offering. We are committed to our clients and we are privileged to be their partner in their pursuit to value within the complicated realm of financial services.