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First Metro Asset Management , Inc. (FAMI)

First Metro Asset Management , Inc. (FAMI) was established by First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC) in partnership with the Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines (CEAP) and Marist Brothers Foundation to engage in the mutual fund business, promote savings mobilization and advocate investment literacy among Filipinos.

FAMI is an investment company adviser licensed by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission to manage and distribute mutual funds. As of December 2013, FAMI is the investment manager, administrator, and principal distributor of the following mutual funds:


  • Save & Learn Equity Fund (SALEF) - - Save & Learn Fixed Income Fund (SALFIF)
  • Save & Learn Balanced Fund (SALBF)
  • Save & Learn Money Market Fund (SALMF) — to be converted to the First Metro Dollar Bond Fund, Inc.
  • First Metro Philippine Equity Exchange Traded Fund, Inc. (FMETF)
  • One Wealthy Nation (OWN) Fund, Inc.
  • First Metro Global Opportunity Fund, Inc.

Assets under management totaled PhP PHP14Bln as of December 31, 2013. The funds have been consistently superior performers among competing products since its inception.

FAMI Committee members:

  1. Mr. Bede Love Gomez – FMIC Investment Advisory Group
  2. Mr. Augusto Cosio – FAMI’s President
  3. Mr. Robert Juanchito Dispo – FMIC’s President and FAMI’s Vice Chairman
  4. Mr. Gonzalo Ordoñez – FMSBC’s (our stock brokerage sister company) President
  5. Mr. Reynaldo Montalbo – FMIC’s head of Treasury Group
  6. Mr. Justine Ocampo – FMIC’s head of Investment Banking Group

The principal officers of the company are:

  1. Francisco C. Sebastian – Chairman
  2. Roberto Juanchito T. Dispo – Vice-Chairman
  3. Augusto M. Cosio, Jr. – President
  4. Hector C. De Leon – Executive Vice President
  5. Danilo G. Olondriz – Chief Finance Officer
  6. Edwin B. Valeroso – Vice President
  7. Marie Arabella D. Veron – Treasurer
  8. Johnathan T. Tabac – Compliance Officer
  9. Nimfa B. Pastrana – Corporate Secretary

Ownership Structure:


Board of Directors

Augusto “Gus” M. Cosio, Jr.
Augusto “Gus” M. Cosio, Jr.

Hector C. de Leon
Hector C. de Leon

Dr. Edwin B. Valeroso
Dr. Edwin B. Valeroso
FVP and Head – Operations